Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blame the Boy Scouts

National Geographic Traveler editor Boyd Matson, an Eagle Scout, puts the blame squarely on Boy Scouts for his adventurous lifestyle.

"That organization stole my soul when I was a kid and planted it in the wilderness. I was too young to resist their clever sales pitch built around hiking and camping trips. And their system of rewarding accomplishments with higher ranks and colorful merit badges meant, in effect, there was always one more goal to reach, one more mountain to climb."

Worth being blamed for.  A nice article from National Geographic Traveler.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

AT Recon for October 23-24 Campout

Sunday morning October 17, Mr. Starrett, Floyd, and I headed out to Kent to check out the campsites for next weekend.  See the video below for the approach to Mt. Algo shelter, where the Ventures will stay Friday night after a moonlight hike.

After that, we drove to to the High Bank Campsite along the Housatonic River where the troop will camp Saturday night.  It's a beautiful, open site -- perfect after a long day hiking.  Weather will be perfect: sunny, daytime temps in the 50's, and mid-30's overnight.

Let me know by this Tuesday, October 19, if you'll be going.  I promise you'll have a great time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's in Your Wallet?

Good ideas for survival kits in this article.

What's in your 10 Essentials kit?  Mine, which like all our scouts I throw in my backpack or daypack for every campout, includes: headlamp (plus maybe an extra somewhere else in my pack), knife, water purification tablets, matches, lint for tinder, a disposable lighter, flint and steel, duck tape, and an extra compass.  The extras are because every now and then a scout will forget one of those things.  I also bring a small first aid kit, and a small notebook and pen.  The rest of the 10 are somewhere else in the pack: extra clothes, extra food and water, sunscreen and lip balm, a map or two (extras, you know), whistle, etc.

The best list is of course in your Scout Handbook, p. 264.  Plus what to have in your first aid kit (p. 127), what to wear on a campout (p. 272), and what to bring camping (p. 292).