Sunday, July 18, 2010

Super Summer Camp 2010!

Yesterday the troop completed a fantastic week at Camp Mattatuck for summer camp 2010.  All you scouts did a great job: successful on merit badges, great weather (Tuesday aside), good competition, way too many activities -- but all fun -- zero homesickness, and only one scout to the hospital (Michael is fine, more on that later).

In addition to the 42 scouts from the troop, we picked up two provisionals (Timmy and Andrew), who were both outstanding.  Don't tell Travis from Mountain Biking, but they gave him a run for the money as best Provisional Ever.  And not including SPL Nate Lungarini, who took the week off to lead the troop, we had four other scouts or alumni on staff (Will Oliver, Luis Torres, Ryan Carr, and Joe Amarante).

A few highlights:
  • Mountain Biking lunch at Lost Lake and Bouldering Lunch
  • Saw-off with Troop 90 from Cheshire (longstanding tradition)
  • COPE games on Thursday night, coupled with the scouts again letting the adults win at volleyball (11-2)
  • An awesome Family Night, thanks to an outstanding dinner organized by Mrs. Sullivan, and followed by the troop contributing 3 skits to the campwide campfire
  • Domination of the Iron Chef (Ms. Kim and Mr. Burger) and Paul Bunyan (Richard Havighorst and Mr. Johns -- who else?) competitions
  • Derek Cedar catching a 16" bass, and Harrison Braidich a 28" pickerel
  • Tim Carr being the first to find Ursa Minor and Ursa Major on the Astronomy Star Hike
  • Josh Rodin winning Little Splash at the dive competition
  • Mr. Mundt (aka Spiderman) winning the "Bottomless Cup of Coffee" for winning the Scoutmaster Dive competition (3 years running)
  • Truly excellent scout leadership, thanks to the Patrol Leaders, Ventures, Summer Senior Patrol, and not least of all new SPL Nate Lungarini really stepping it up.
Sure, a few things could have gone a little better.  We could have won at Water Polo (4-1 loss).  But our teamwork was much improved vs. 2009.  And next year we won't cram so much into the evening activities.

Everyone will be glad to know that Michael Rattray is fine and healthy after a brush with dehydration and heat exhaustion on Friday.  It was a really hot week with a lot of walking and constant activity.  He was his usual happy self when I ran into him Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to all the adults who helped keeping things running smoothly, both in the troop and supporting the camp staff.  I was up there this morning to drop off our staffers for Week 3, and heard the thank you's in person.  I'm sure no troop there has as much fun as we do (scouts or adults).

More pictures are available at the troop's Flickr site. Instructions are on the opening page of the troop's Google Group's site.

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